Mar. 22nd, 2017

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Ancillary Mercy
by Ann Leckie

This fascinating and compelling book wraps up the story begun in Ancillary Justice, and does a damn fine job of it. Best of all, Ancillary Mercy managed to surprise me - I really could not figure out where the plot was going to end up, and when I got there it was not what I was expecting. Yet the ending was extremely satisfying. The major conflicts of the series finally converge, with the Lord of the Radch Empire arriving in Athoek system, factions maneuvering in her wake, the alien Presger getting involved, and ordinary citizens getting caught in the middle. Breq/Justice of Toren forges a path through all this and works out a solution as she tries to protect who and what she can.
Even amidst more complicated plot and a lot more action, Leckie still manages to deftly explore weighty themes of belonging, the power of personal relationships and bonds, the complexities of justice, and the value of autonomy. There's so much to think about, in the best way.


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