Mar. 18th, 2017

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Ancillary Sword
by Ann Leckie

Ancillary Sword picks up directly where Ancillary Justice left off. Breq now has a ship and has arrived in the Athoek system to keep it safe and stable as the Radch empire wrestles on the brink of civil war. While Athoek looks tranquil from the outside, Breq soon discovers that many things are not as they seem, with a network of tensions and injustices boiling under the surface. As she navigates complicated politics and social relationships in order to improve things, she discovers that there are more dangers in play than just the impending civil war.
Ancillary Sword deals more with the small details of the world, and thus feels more intimate than its predecessor. At the same time, Leckie takes on equally large themes, such as the intricacies of creating fairness and justice in the face of deeply entrenched oppressions, and the significance of small and even individual issues within the context of larger conflicts and events. It is a middle book, though, so lost of threads are left hanging to be resolved later.
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Mariachi Music In America
by Daniel Sheehy

This slim volume provided a perfect balance of learning about the music itself and learning about its social and cultural context. I'd heard mariachi music before, but Sheehy's book really opened it all up for me. I particularly liked the time spent on the different kinds of piece found in mariachi repertoire, their forms, and rhythmic characteristics. I also liked the careful examination of the typical instrumentation of a mariachi group and how that evolved over time.


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