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So, Woodbridge of Bloomington, our not exactly former at this point landlords have really pissed me off. Our lease was supposed to be up in May, but, of course, due to my getting a job in CT, we moved out two months early, at the end of February. We paid them for the month of March, even though we wouldn't be living there, and we paid them promptly. Mind you, we also told them we were leaving as soon as we knew (mid-January), kept them in the loop regarding our exact moving date, and did a lot of hard core cleaning to leave the place in really good shape. Also, when we had renewed our least last spring, we made Woodbridge fully aware of the situation with being on the job market and warned them that we would likely have to break the lease. They said that when the time came there was stuff they could do and not to worry. Well, that was a load of BS.
Today, after absolutely no communication for six weeks, we get a curt email asking for the April rent, plus 10 days worth of late fee. When Other Kenjari called to talk to them about it and ask if the late fee at least could be waived given that we hadn't lived in the place for over a month, he was treated rudely. Yes, technically and legally, we are responsible for April's rent, but given that we made every effort to be good about the move out situation and already paid them rent for month in which we weren't living there, you'd think they could cut us even the tiniest bit of slack. Or at least be nicer about the whole situation. Or at the very barest minimum, contacted us before the rent was due as a courtesy, since they knew we were no longer in Indiana.
We might has well have given them 24 hours notice of our move out and left the place a mess, because doing otherwise sure as hell hasn't done us a bit of good.


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