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Managing Student Assistants: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians
by Kimberly Burke Sweetman

Sweetman's book is pretty much what it says on the cover. It's a very easy, straightforward read. I liked the inclusion of real-world examples and explanation, although there are a few out-dated pieces of advice as the book was published in 2006. Sweetman heavily concentrates on the pre-hire steps: including determining the need for student staff, defining student positions, and setting up a hiring procedure. Thus, the book was less useful for those of us who stepped into institutions where the student staff is well-established.
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Mentoring and Managing Students in the Academic Library
by Michelle Reale

This short volume on working with students in a college library was fairly useful and an interesting take on the role of a supervisor. Reale concentrates more on the mentoring than the managing, and provides some nice guideposts for the kind of mentoring a librarian can do with her student workers. I wish there had been a little more real-life examples and concrete advice based on those examples, but the advice and direction she did give was helpful. Reale's prose is on the chatty side, but clear and easy to grasp.
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Library Acquisition of Music
by R. Michael Fling

This is not a book one reads for fun; it is a book you read because you need to. And since my new job includes collection development and acquisition, I definitely needed to read it. Fling writes in a very plain and straightforward fashion, so while it does feel a bit dull at points, everything is clear, which makes it easy to absorb and retain the information. Fling certainly delivers on the information, too. While some of the information for specific vendors is surely out of date, Library Acquisition of Music is pretty invaluable if that is what you will be doing professionally.


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