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It's been quite a while, but a couple of nights ago I had another dream in the "storage closet as gateway" series. This time when I went into the storage closet, it turned out to be the clandestine headquarters of some sort of secret undercover ops organization. They were clearly good guys, but I woke up complete unclear on their goals and ideals. They were very cool and fun, though. [ profile] antoniusrex was there - he was apparently one of their agents. And, having stumbled upon the base, I was summarily roped into joining him and his team on their next mission, for which he was soon to depart. Again, I woke up rather vague about where we were going, what we would be doing, and why we were doing it. But it was cool and exciting and involved me dressing up in a very cute black cat costume. I wish I had retained more of the content and detail of the dream, but I woke up with a clear and pleasant feeling of fun and adventure.
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Last night I dreamed I was at some kind of very swanky reception or cocktail party. It seemed to be taking place at Alpha Delt, but as re-imagined by my subconscious. I was eating all sorts of delicious things that I can no longer indulge in: gourmet goat cheese, really good french fries, pastries, fudge. And I could taste it all! It was extremely realistic - not only were the flavors accurate, but the textures were spot-on, too. Yummy.
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Last night, I had a dream about violin technique. Not violin music or about me playing the violin. About specific issues of how the instrument is held and played. And I am not not have ever been a string player. Weird.
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My bedroom in my childhood home has three doors. One is, of course, the door to the hallway. One is the door to the clothes closet. The third is to a storage closet. This closet is "unfinished": no plaster on the walls just beams and paper-covered fiberglass insulation, a naked lightbulb with a pull chain, wooden boards for the floor, and a ceiling that slants kind of shaprly down to the back of the room. It contains the usual sorts of things that any suburban family might have in such a storage space: old clothes, past halloween costumes, empty suitcases, furniture (some of it disassembled).
When I was little, the storage closet was an eerie place to me, and its presence in relationship to my room often played into my typical night-time fears. It didn't help that on windy nights, the door rattled in the drafts. And sometimes I would wake at night and turn on the lamp so that I could get up and go to the bathroom or to get a drink of water, and the door would be hanging ajar even though I was 100% certain that it was closed when I went to sleep. Maybe the same draft that rattled the door also caused it to open, but I've never really figured out how that could happen.
The closet occasionally featured in my nightmares. Although I have to admit that the most terrifying of these storage-closet-door nightmares occured only a year or so ago. In the dream, I wavered between being an adult and being around 8 or 10. I was asleep in my room and woke up to see light seeping out from the space around the storage closet door. And I heard a sinister male voice whispering "open the door, [kenjari]". Through the gap in the door jamb, I could just make out a creepy looking guy behind the door (he was alittle reminiscent of Bob from Twin Peaks). I left the room and went downstairs only to have a similar experience with the cellar door off of the kitchen. The dream had a strong atmosphere of creepiness and menace.
The storage closet has started showing up again in my dreams, but this time it's not a source of horror. Instead, it's become a gateway. Sometimes the closet simply leads to an undiscovered space in the house. In one memorable dream, it opened up into a light and airy garrett or attic space with high ceilings and large windows that my sister and started using as a large studio/creative space. More recently, it's been the opening to a sort of underworld, something like in Mirrormask or Pan's Labyrinth. That was a neat dream, but I unfortunately woke up before I got to the real adventure.
I don't really know quite what the symbolism or deeper meaning is here. However, I am quite amused and fascinated by the progression from horror to magic. Especially since the horror seems to have been attached to my childhood, while the magic is firmly connected to my adulthood.
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I had a pretty relaxing weekend, doing not much of anything. Except cooking - I made soup, and biscuits, and meatloaf, and brownies. I went to [ profile] anacrucis' party, which included some delicious carrot cake, with surprisingly yummy fake cream cheese icing (the secret is to add bourbon). Plus, I got to finally meet [ profile] qualario in person.

Last night my dreams got wonderfully cinematic. THe story sounds a little melodramatic, but in the dream it came off more like a folk tale or legend. I was a young woman in a place that was supposed to be India, but an older India, maybe the early nineteenth century. I think I was someone of European extraction who had been adopted by an Indian family, or something like that. The time to enter into my arranged marriage was approaching, but I barely knew the man. He had red hair and his only apparent qualification to be my husband seemed to be that he was also of European descent. And from the looks of things, he had no real interest in me as either a wife or a person. However, I had developed a romance with a young Indian man. We took to meeting in temples and having hushed conversations during meditation sessions, with the occasional furtive gesture of affection. Incidentally, the temples were incredibly cool - polished wood, statues, flowers, incense. A lot like the temple room at the MFA, but with plants and sunlight.
Of course, I was found out. For mysterious reasons, this led to exile as a kind of caretaker/servant at a remote shrine/sacred well sort of place. I was joined there by a strange woman who took it upon herself to aid me in my tasks and to also help me formulate a way of finding my lover and having a life of my own. I knew full well that she was an avatar of a goddess (I think she was supposed to be Durga), but didn't say anything, figuring she'd reveal herself when the time was right. I woke up before anything more could happen, unfortunately.
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Last night, one of my dreams involved wandering through a large, palatial building that was part library, part museum, part bazaar, part performance space. Architecturally, it was a strange mixture of Boston Public Library, Olin Library, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Musuem, and a whole bunch of other such places I've been. I walked past a wall of abstract paintings, through a room filled with booksellers, a small room in which a musical performance was being given, through library stacks, etc. Oddly enough, this place has appeared in my dreams once before. Last time I was there, I was only on the outside of it - it looks like the kind of building you'd expect to see in a film production of a Jane Austen novel. I think I may have been either trying to sneak in or break in, but I'm not sure why or to what purpose. And it was summertime, whereas in last night's dream I know it was winter because I was alternately wearing and carrying a heavy coat. I'm sure there's some interesting symbolism and meaning here, but I don't know exactly what it is. And to tell the truth, I'm not terribly concerned about it, either, because both dreams were so enjoyable that I'm sure this isn't about anxieties, or problems, or anything like that.
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Last night I had a very cool dream, both vivid and cinematic. It took place in a sort of medieval setting with a celtic flavor. The immediate area was very rural and pretty yet not idyllic - it felt like a real place. I think it was autumn. I was not exactly myself - it was as if I was basically me, but rewritten for the setting and plot. I was a roguish fiddle player, competent woodswoman, and better-looking, too.
The dream started out with a stealthy and daring escape from some sort of castle-fortress. My presence there made perfect sense within the dream, although I can't remember knowing why I was there or why I needed to escape. Anyway, getting out involved sneaking out through the bowels of the building, swimming across a creek, and melting into the forest. Then I made my way back to my village and joined in some spirited music making at the tavern with my buddies. At that point, I woke up.
I doubt that there is much deep symbolism in this dream. This is one of those dreams that seems to be more about telling myself a neat story in my sleep.


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